Version 4 Content Accessibility System Launched - INNCAS

Our INplace Natural Content Accessibility System -  INNCAS is now available!

Rather than just an improvement over existing content management systems, INNCAS is an entirely new way to access and edit content within your website. Where other systems require you to continually rely on specialized technical help to add features INNCAS has the ability to grow with you as your sites needs grow.

INNCAS is the easiest to use content accessibility system available online today. Within only a few minutes anyone capable of sending an email would be able to manage the content on their website. Even complex content like guestbooks, image galleries or forms are easy and intuitive to add to your site or to be able to manage the content.

Webmail Version 10 Upgrade

Version 10 of our exceptional webmail system is now available!

This installment of our easy to use Webmail is a complete replacement of the previous webmail interface. We have included many new features. Sorting by conversation or "thread" is now available as are all of the previous administration tools you are used to. Quota's have been increased  a huge 5 times of the previous capacity and phonebook support has been massively improved to include a new multiple phonebook option.

In order to connect to the webmail facility, you will need to go to http://mail.your domain name where your domain name is the information after the @ sign on your email address. This will ensure you are always able to login and be able to manage your email. A good way to remember this is you visit : http://www. your domain name to visit your website, so you replace the www with mail.


Wordpress hit by massive botnet attack

As usual, Wordpress is under attack again. All too often we see people using Wordpress as a web authering tool rather than the blogging software it was intended for. Most people who have been exploited aren't even aware that they are being used to attack other systems or offload malware and phishing scams.

Wordpress and its 64 million blogs are currently under attack by a botnet of at least 90,000 computers strong. The core engine of wordpress is reasonably secure, but the add-on facility that gives Wordpress its functionality is the messy part. Once you begin to install the tons of addons to make wordpress functional as a website, you lose the inherent security and live with what you get.

The reality is that it is the whole web developmment industry which is at fault for these exploits. The process of hiring a web developer who will install wordpress, then once completed customizing the install will get paid and move on to the next client leving the security of the installed resource up to no one. The end user is often afraid to break the wordpress install, and the automatic updating facility will work, but only if the site was installed in a conventional manner. Many Joomla, and Drupal sites suffer the same issues.

If you choose to use a product like Wordpress, you should be aware of the steps to secure it, or hire someone who is.

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