For those that do not believe that hackers are around every corner. Here is a news feed to the current exploits in software that you may or may not be using. For those that are aware, this will just be useful information.

Linux Kernel CVE-2017-7518 Privilage Escalation Vulnerability
Microsoft Malware Protection Engine CVE-2017-8558 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Huawei Smart Phones CVE-2017-8143 Local Denial of Service Vulnerability
NetBSD CVE-2017-1000378 Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability
[CVE-2017-8813] Double-Fetch Vulnerability in Linux-4.10.1/drivers/media/pci/saa7164/saa7164-bus.c
[SECURITY] [DSA 3893-1] jython security update
Sitecore 7.1-7.2 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
[SECURITY] [DSA 3890-1] spip security update
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