Today's Intuit has grown into something else entirely. No longer even remotely interested in customer support, they rule by edict. You must continue to update your tax tables with them, or you risk losing access to the historical data of your employees. If you chose to purchase Quickbooks by subscription, each year they would send you cd's to be able to install the latest version. These weren't free, you paid for them within your subscription. Recently, they have quietly decided not to provide these cd's anymore. Don't have Internet access? Too bad.. no cd's Don't trust the installer that has previously corrupted your files... too bad.. no more cd's.

By quietly, I mean complete silence, Intuit has arbitrarily decided that if YOU don't have Internet, YOU no longer matter to them as a customer. Not a phone call, not an email. Simply an absence of communication until you call them to complain that you haven't got a tax update. Then they tell you, you will not be getting any more cd's or updates unless you do it online.

As a customer for over a decade with Intuit, I would have expected more from them, considering they pride themselves on the awards they receive.. I don't know what person provided Intuit with this award, and I'm not going to say it's a fake award, but from the experience from a long time customer I have doubt to the sincerity of this award..


Lets see what the Internet has to say.....

The Quickbook Software Support SUCKS. I have called the help desk been on-line for over 40 minutes and my Quickbooks still does not work. The help desk has been more than useless. I have error messages and the only thing they want is my credit card

~ photocastle

I am in complete agreement with you. I have been using Quickbooks for ten years in windows. With the 2010 release of Quickbooks for Mac they finally made a product I could use on my Apple system. After three months of smooth operation my company file would not open. Technical support would not help me without a service plan. I am sick to my stomach. Ten years, maybe a handful of calls in all that time and they want me to pay for help to get their product working! That is zero support for their product! ZERO! Needless to say I am very dissatisfied with Intuit and Quickbooks. They do not support their product in a reasonable manner.

~ Haditwithintuit

I have had no worse customer service from any organization in the last 5 years. Only because they have gained such large market share can they get away with this....and even that will not last. A company with this large a market share will take a while to crumble but with the horrible service offered, I am sure it will. It will simply take time. And I will celebrate in the streets when it dies!!!!!


I have to agree wit you. Seems to me they build problems in so you have to buy the extra $200 support package.


I'm forced to agree that Customer and Tech support is unprofessional and incompetent.

Quickbooks Premier and Quicken user since 1997 PLUS paid payroll subscription and I called Tech Support for the first time last week.

Service Rep ask me my question and assured me she had the answer but that I had to pay for the call. Did so and saw that the charge went through within a minute.
Unfortunately she read from a script that didn't answer the question AT ALL and so I requested a refund which she said would be issued within 2 days. A week later and no refund so called Tech Support again. The rep couldn't issue a refund so transferred me to Turbo Tax support.

So, I called Customer Service and demanded an immediate refund. After consulting a "supervisor", they reluctantly authorized a refund "5 to 7 business days later". "There's a process we need to follow to issue refunds".

Good thing they have that huge pool of money from immediate billings!  First time I've ever paid someone to lie to me.


This is a tactic they use to increase your subscription billing, then they reduce the number of users that you didnt want in the first place..

~ uniforms

I am complaining about the renewal plan for Enterprise that I just received in the mail. I am a charter Enterprise member with a 15 user plan. Last year the renewal was for $1750. This year it is for $2000 (14% increase). The explanation that I received on the phone is that the big increase is justified by 15 user licenses being upgraded to 30 user licenses, whether we need or want a 30 user license.

I will be shopping for new software this year. This is extremely poor customer relations on Intuit's part, especially with no explanation and just an invoice mailed to the customer.

You have now lost me, and i will make it a point to tell others how unsatisfied I now am with Intuit.

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