Regardless of the people claiming that windows 10 spying on you makes you a nutter, or a tin foil hat wearer, Windows 10 is indeed spying on you. Every ascpect of your computing is being monitored, keylogged and sent back yo Microsoft or their affiliates. You don't have to believe me, you can read it within their own license agreement.

Imagine the government putting a microphone in your home. They would be able to listen to your every conversation, every complaint, every argument even your most intimate moments would become public domain. Of course there are the group that says, "I have nothing to hide", "There is nothing I am doing wrong."

Within each persons past, there are times where they have exceeeded the speed limit, forgot to signal, or maybe complained about the government. Maybe you claimed a deduction that was int he fuzzy area, or maybe you bought a bag of weed. One of the things that protects us is that there has never been a relaible permanant storage for these transgressions... untill now.

If you choose to have privacy over complete worldly submission, the nice people at O&O have created a resource for you to be able to make some adjustments to your windows install. I have included it here for convieienvce. It would also be a good idea to use "Tinywall" which is a non Microsoft firewall that will block traffic both in bound and out bound. So if something tries to connect externally even after you shut off those features, you would be informed.

It's a terrible thing when you have to protect yourself from those that would prey upon you. Especially when those that would prey on you are supposed to be providing you a service.

There is an old adage that says, "If you got it for free, you paid too much". This has never been truer than right here, right now.

There are plenty of reviews on the internet saying you should just accept the spying, they say Google does it, Apple does it so whay shouldn't Microsoft?. There are also plenty of people to say that unless you are building bombs or Jarod you shouldn't worry. These people are without question, FOOLS.

Throuought history there have been tyrants. There have been and still are secret police to collect information, to infiltrate groups that would complain or protest government actions. We have seen this in Canada, in the USA and in every communist country in Europe.

Yet, people all over the net are extolling that you have nothing to fear with your complete loss of privacy. You obviously cannot trust the police, how can you expect to trust a private, "for profit" company? It is the responsibility of each person to protect their rights and the rights of others. When we fail to do this nased on stupidity, lazyness or sheer complacence, we create the society that stomps on each of us. You can decide what society you build.

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