For your convenience we post Security and Fraud notices here. As new phishing attacks and Fraud by Phone attempts continue to be a threat, it is a good idea to review this area from time to time.

So you have Joomla or wordpress website eh? Check out the following 2 sites related to Wordpress and Joomla security, or lack thereof. currently being attacked

More WordPress exploits

Create an Evolutionary Web Strategy with a Digital MRO Plan

Many organizations, large and small, approach creating their web presence as if it’s a one-time project. They invest an enormous amount of time and money in a great web design, content strategy, and technical implementation; and then they let the website sit there for months and even years without meaningful updates or enhancements. When the web presence becomes so out of date it’s barely functional, it becomes clear to them that the site needs a refresh (or more likely another full redesign).

Thinking about using Quickbooks? Better think again.

As a small company our accounting firm suggested we use quickbooks to manage billing and payroll. this seemed like a good ide back in 1998 when Intuit was a small fledgling company that prided itself in customer service and a solid product.

Windows 10 Bloat Ware

 Yes, windows 10 IS spying on you. Yes you should be worried about it.

Coud Computing "worse than stupidity"

More wordpress exploits.

Malware Cleanup to Arbitrary File Upload in Gravity Forms

The Responsive Website Dilemma.

These days there is a movement towards "Responsive Design". This sounds like a good idea, website designs that adapt themselves to a variety of different screen sizes. As more people use mobility networks it would seem logical to create websites catering to these devices.

Is responsive design a good idea for every website? NO, not even a little bit.

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