Webmail has been designed with ease of use in mind. It offers much of the functionality of other e-mail applications while also including customizable spam filtering and virus scanning. How much time in a day do you spend removing spam?

Included within our content managed website web services package are five email accounts, plus one master account, which has the ability to manage any of your email accounts. Adding new email accounts or managing existing ones can easily be done at any time from anywhere Internet access and a web browser is available.

Our Webmail facility has been further improved to incorporate the latest spam and virus fighting technologies from Barracuda Networks.

The Barracuda Spam firewall is updated every hour to combat against zero day spam campaigns. So when some person in Estonia decides to send a billion Viagra emails our spam firewall is aware and ready long before the huge volume of email gets to us.

Many companies use the free open source spamassassin and while better than nothing it is not even remotely as effective as a completely managed solution.

Spam Stats Can be viewed here

Spam stats updated every 1 min.

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